Cara S.

Intro 2 Lit: Full Year Course

A complete introduction to literature for homeschooled high-schoolers, and an easy, accessible course for parents or group leaders to facilitate - download the scope and sequence to see just what is waiting for you here in the Red Couch Reading Room!

Cara S.

American Literature: Full Year Course

The story of America is the story of the pursuit of liberty. From the puritan voices, through colonial and Civil struggles, we set out in this course to understand the struggle for freedom and democracy that pervades these uniquely American voices.

Cara S.

4 week UNIT - Intro to Literary Analysis

"Start Here" - this is the first unit of RCRR's "Intro to Lit" course. It provides the basics of literary analysis, and a solid foundation from which to branch out. If your student will start our series with any other course - do this unit first!

Cara S.

4-week Unit: Treasure Island

This accessible novel provides a wonderful introduction to the Bildungsroman novel. Discussion will center on the characters, themes, structure, and writing style of the work.

Cara S.

5-week Unit - Julius Caesar, Logically Speaking

"Julius Caesar" serves as an introduction to both Shakespeare & the concepts of rhetorical persuasion. We examine logos/pathos/ethos effectiveness in speeches. Multi-media suggestions, Vocab. unit + reading comp supplement the video lectures.

Cara S.

Grammar & Grace: A Basic Grammar Review & Guide to Writing Improvement (worksheet & teacher guide packet)

Need to review grammar & polish writing skills in your high school students? This pdf packet includes 27 ready-to-go white board lessons with student exercises, pre and post-tests, and an answer key. Quick, clear, concise!